US Newsstream Access

The South Dakota State Library in Pierre provides access to US Newsstream, a service offering full-text articles from over 1000 newspapers, newswires, news journals, and more.

Click here to access US Newsstream.

To search for a specific publication, click on the Publications tab.

In the Search box, type the publication like "Wall Street Journal" or "Argus Leader" or "New York Times Book Review", and click Search.

Some publications, like the Wall Street Journal, may have multiple publications to choose from. Select the publication you'd like to view to see the article listings. Otherwise, like the Argus Leader, will only have one publication available, so you'll immediately see the article listings. 

On the Publications Search screen, you can also browse available titles using the 0-Z listing as shown below: 

Note: The State Library is able to provide access to services like US Newsstream to South Dakota residents based on your location. If you try to browse this resource from outside of South Dakota, you may run into issues with access.