South Dakota Children's Book Awards

Prairie Bud, Prairie Bloom, & Prairie Pasque Awards
Did you know that the state of South Dakota has three different reading awards for children’s literature? Click the link below or along the left side to view current nominees for each age range. 
Prairie Bud Award - Grade PreK-1
Prairie Bloom Award - Grades 2-3
Prairie Pasque Award - Grades 4-5 

The nominees for these awards were chosen for their quality and potential popularity with children by a panel of educators and librarians. The Prairie Bud, the Prairie Bloom, and the Prairie Pasque are “Kid’s Choice” awards.  After each book a student reads, they can vote on how much they liked the book.  Voting starts October 1 and continues until April 1.  The winners of the statewide vote are announced in April during National Library Week. The goal of these awards is to encourage students to become enthusiastic, discriminating readers.
Click on the vote button below the award to cast your vote.