You can now reserve our meeting rooms and study rooms online! 

  1. 1. Visit
  2. 2. Click "Create an Account" to create your account. You'll use this to make reservations in the future too, so make note of the email address and password you use.
  3. 3. Select the date and time you're interested in booking, then click "Search for a Space".
  4. 4. Click "Pick Me!" next to the available room you'd like to reserve.
  5. 5. Fill in the requested information. Once done, click Continue.
  6. 6. On the next screen, click Submit Request.

You will receive an approval notice in your email once your reservation has been approved by library staff. 

The Brookings Public Library has two small study rooms, one small conference room and one large meeting room (Cooper Room) that can be divided into two smaller rooms.  The children’s activity room (story time) and the Historical Collection room are not available as public meeting areas, but may be used for library or city business. 

Priority is given to educational programs sponsored by the library when scheduling the use of the library's meeting rooms.  If not reserved for library purposes, the meeting rooms are available for public gatherings of a civic, cultural, or educational character.  The Library reserves the right to limit the use of the meeting rooms by any one group to best accommodate the many requests for this facility.  All meetings must be open to the general public.  There may be no fund raising, promotion of fee-based products or services, sale of items on the premises, or admission fee charged.  Recovery charges for food served are allowed.  For-profit businesses/organizations are charged a $10 per meeting fee payable when completing the Meeting Room Contract.

Meetings may be held only during regular hours of library service and staffing.  Groups or people conducting the meeting will have access to the facility only during the time period designated.  Meetings MUST be concluded so that all participants may exit the library no later than the normal library closing time on that day.  PLEASE ALLOW TIME NEEDED FOR SETUP, CLEANUP AND RELATED SUPPORT SERVICES when scheduling the rooms.  Any group or people whose gathering lasts past closing time will be charged a $25 per hour fee for any part of an hour.
The fact that a group is permitted to meet in the library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of the group's policies or beliefs.
The Library Board reserves the right to deny or revoke permission to use the meeting rooms.  An organization may request from the Library Board a waiver or clarification of these policies at a regularly scheduled Board meeting.
Request for reservation of the meeting rooms should be made at the Library. Tentative approval may be given by telephone.   A meeting room contract must be completed at least three days before the meeting date.  A meeting cannot be scheduled more than 90 days in advance.          
Seating arrangements are the responsibility of the organization using the meeting room.  Chairs and tables must be returned to storage at the close of the meeting.
Alcohol, smoking, or candles are not permitted.  Food and other beverages may be served.  Groups are responsible for clean up and will be billed for any special cleaning necessary.
Group members are responsible for the supervision of their children while using the meeting rooms.


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